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Hounds of Appalachia

Coursing on the wind like my mother’s violin. Appalachia plays her song for the old souls who follow the hounds. Long-eared and silver-tongued. Animals.  Hunters. Blood driven.  Pre-destined. Lean and swift, with torn, padded feet. Voices on the wind. Forces … Continue reading

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My Inspiration

Meet Chunky (AKA Beags, Beagle, Chunky Monkey, Chunkster, Chunk): Not your typical waggy-tailed, happy-go-lucky, bawling beagle. Quite the contrary, this pup never howls or barks, rarely wags his tail around anyone (but me), and around others tends to scurry around … Continue reading

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Ka-boom, Tally-Ho!

Ka-boom, Tally-Ho! Pine Tower was the home of Dan A beagle with a bawl. Too, Crackers, Crowe and Dewey lived behind that sandstone wall. In summertime they’d lay around and swat the flies with tails, But come first frost, and … Continue reading

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Hounds of Appalachia Background

Humans have hunted with canine companions since prehistoric times: it can be considered the world’s oldest sport. In Appalachia, dogs were vital for survival in frontier days. It has been said that without Mountain Curs, the mountains could not have … Continue reading

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That Big Boy Sound

He made that sound that broke the still of darkness, That made boy and man shiver to hear. That sound that came again…and then again, Repeating itself, a pleasure even in its cadence. That utterance of primeval beauty that haunted … Continue reading

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Hello world! Howling good music here!

Welcome! Some songs to listen to while browsing: Elvis Presley “Hound Dog” Baha Men (an oldie but goody– you know it!) “Who Let the Dogs Out” Nellie McKay “The Dog Song” Florence + The Machine “Dog Days are Over” Jill … Continue reading

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