Hounds of Appalachia Background

Humans have hunted with canine companions since prehistoric times: it can be considered the world’s oldest sport. In Appalachia, dogs were vital for survival in frontier days. It has been said that without Mountain Curs, the mountains could not have been settled by pioneers. Mountain Curs guarded the family and provided meat and pelts which could be sold or traded for other goods. Today many people in our area still continue to hunt with hounds for both pleasure and sustenance. “The Fervor of Hunting Fever” acrylic on canvas 30″ x 40″

To me, the Mountain Cur captures the Appalachian Spirit. This hardy little dog is resourceful, intelligent, self-sufficient, multi-talented, sturdy, misrepresented (“cur”), underappreciated, fiercely loyal, and is most at home in the woods and hills. Below are some pictures of Piper on a squirrel hunt this winter with my dad.

For more info on the Mountain Cur visit: http://omcba.homestead.com/

“Piper on his Game”

“Pure Joy”

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