That Big Boy Sound

He made that sound that broke the still of darkness,
That made boy and man shiver to hear.
That sound that came again…and then again,
Repeating itself, a pleasure even in its cadence.
That utterance of primeval beauty that haunted even more
The quiet of night, giving purpose for it, and for us.

That drawing sound that floated to us
From far down in the timber.
That calling sound, that timeless tone of rising and falling perfection
That fixed itself on our souls
And made us more alive
Just to hear it.
Just to be with it.

Just to hear it, and follow it,
And let it mystify even more
That cocoon of winter woods.
That sound.
That sound that so few hear
Yet all have unknowingly heard.
That timeless sound,
That wolf-like release from creature to air
That comforts
That soothes
That calls and draws us to it.

That sound that makes us dream
And long to hear it again.
Just to be with it,
Just to let it take us to a place
More simple, more common, more peaceful.
That sound.
That common, simple, beautiful, comforting sound
Of a Big Dog
In the night woods.

J.D. Graham
Lone Willow Farm

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2 Responses to That Big Boy Sound

  1. Great poem!! Hope you will post some more poetry like that! thanks, Scott

  2. Thanks Scott! I like your Ancient Flight poem! The poetry is my dad’s and the paintings are mine. We’ve got more and will keep them comin! Thanks for your interest!:)

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