Growin’ Up Redbone

A photo essay of Redbone Coonhounds on Lone Willow Farm.

After my dad researches genetic lines, night champions, and has sufficiently browsed all magazines from Full Cry to American Cooner he decides on a stud dog. About 60 some days after the breeding, Fog’s pups are born with their fat little squishy jade-like ears and velvety soft fur.

Fog’s alpha female personality really comes out with her pups. This overprotective mother won’t think twice about biting the hand that feeds her (though she hasn’t).

Pups get to spend a lot of time in the yard.

And they get showered with love and attention (and also give lots in return).

Pretty soon they strike out on their own; exploring and working out who’s the top dog in the litter.

They become “terrors of the yard’ as my mom says.

“Huh?” The Hooligans.

After chasing around coon-scented stuffed animals on a rope, the time has come to get serious and see if any of that genetic breeding helped and if natural instincts will kick in. This was the first hunt for Pinky-Lee (front left), Fog’s pup from her second litter. Pinky-Lee was one of the few to advance far enough to stay on the farm to see if she would become a deadly hunter like her mother. Her other littermates were given away to other coon hunters in the area. My dad and one of his hunting buddies, Brian Burgett unload the dogs.

Mama Fog shows how to get the job done with Sammy, Brian Burgett’s Walker hound. Coon was treed 1/2 a mile from our car right on the edge of the cornfield. Pinky-Lee showed no fear and stepped right in.

This makes mama proud: Fog after a successful hunt. The raccoon is the only animal my dad hunts but doesn’t eat. Most coon skins caught here in the states are sold to Russia.

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2 Responses to Growin’ Up Redbone

  1. Gram says:

    These are a different breed than when I was there last I believe. Beautiful!

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