Biking Birthday Beagle!

On Friday, April 1st, 2011 Chunky celebrated his 5th birthday! For some reason I think it is appropriate his birthday falls on April Fool’s Day, though I cannot say why. He had a nice bike ride and some tasty dog cupcakes (pupcakes) with his best friend, Effie! Effie is my new adopted puppy for a time, while her mom is traveling the world for a year! Read about Sonia’s travels and get a postcard from her and James here!

These pupcakes from Three Dog Bakery look too good to give to a dog. I really wanted one! They scarfed ’em down.

My favorite local pet supply stores in Ohio:

Friendly Paws Pet Supplies and Grooming Athens, OH Chunky and Effie enjoy chomping down on squeakers and food from Shelley’s place. Shelley is very friendly, helpful, and informative about any pet related questions.

Irish Ridge Pet Grooming Corning, OH Anne has a great, free 5K coming up June 11 for anyone and their pets to run!

Buck’s Biscuits Chauncey, OH Debbie is at the Athens Farmers Market every Saturday. Chunky drools over her peanut butter treats.

Posh Pets Botique Columbus, OH Cute outfits, nice shampoos and leashes.

Three Dog Bakery Columbus, OH Affordable, all natural, tasty treats. Pupcakes above were $1.50 each!

What is your favorite pet store or your dog’s favorite toy? I’d like to know!

Happy Birthday to my Beags!! arrwhoooo!

5 years ago. Chunky, Teeny, Tattoo, Harley, Strut, Pounce, Sweetie.

Because they’re so darn cute…

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6 Responses to Biking Birthday Beagle!

  1. Margaret McClay says:

    I say you should have gotten the cupcake free for the plug! Well done!!!
    except for one little error–“These look to good to give to a dog”
    look too good to give to a dog. : ^ )
    Since you have a broad audience you want to make a good all round impression, You even made
    me want the treats. Gram

    • Thanks Grams!!:) I get caught up in writing and rereading that sometimes I miss things! Thank you for reading!!! I’m glad you enjoy it! I think it was worth the $1.50 for how much the dogs like it!

  2. Sonia Marcus says:

    Oh my lord, that is just too adorable. Happy birthday, Chunky! Good thing that Effie got to join in the fun because who knows when her birthday is anyway.

  3. Sonia Marcus says:

    Ooh, one more little correction. Your link should read “Three Dog Bakery” I think instead of “Three Dob Bakery”.

    James just said, “And Effie’s name technically is spelled with an exclamation point.” 😉

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