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Funny Bones: Dogs who make us laugh & the Basset Waddle

Because they’re so lovable, even more so when they’re caught in the act of running…   To see where the images above came from and to get your fill of running bassets visit: Basset: the name literally means “extra … Continue reading

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Biking Birthday Beagle!

On Friday, April 1st, 2011 Chunky celebrated his 5th birthday! For some reason I think it is appropriate his birthday falls on April Fool’s Day, though I cannot say why. He had a nice bike ride and some tasty dog … Continue reading

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Mmm, vino + dogs. Yes, more please.

Lone Willow Farm Grapes and Pups (Can you guess which one’s Chunk?) Wine + Dogs = two of my top three favorite things. (The third is chocolate!) When the dog and wine worlds collide you get the sweet, frisky concoction … Continue reading

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Coonhounds ring NASDAQ bell and Beagles who Blog!

Image from On Friday, Feb. 11, 2011 NASDAQ celebrated the 135th Westminster Dog Show where the 6 new breeds welcomed into the show by the American Kennel Club, were present to ring the closing bell. Check out the pictures … Continue reading

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Growin’ Up Redbone

A photo essay of Redbone Coonhounds on Lone Willow Farm. After my dad researches genetic lines, night champions, and has sufficiently browsed all magazines from Full Cry to American Cooner he decides on a stud dog. About 60 some days … Continue reading

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My Inspiration

Meet Chunky (AKA Beags, Beagle, Chunky Monkey, Chunkster, Chunk): Not your typical waggy-tailed, happy-go-lucky, bawling beagle. Quite the contrary, this pup never howls or barks, rarely wags his tail around anyone (but me), and around others tends to scurry around … Continue reading

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Hounds of Appalachia Background

Humans have hunted with canine companions since prehistoric times: it can be considered the world’s oldest sport. In Appalachia, dogs were vital for survival in frontier days. It has been said that without Mountain Curs, the mountains could not have … Continue reading

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