Dogs Take on Climate Change!!!

Woof!! What up, dog?!?! Meet Sam, Grist’s Climate Dog! He’s starting a revolution one dog at a time. What does your dog to to tackle climate change? Post your answers on Grists’ board with a picture of your pooch for a chance to win $150 to your favorite local pet store!!

You can vote for Piper taking on climate change by helping people obtain food locally on the site too if you like it! 🙂

“I help my peeps obtain food locally and live off the land. I love to hunt everything, my favorite is squirrel!! I’m not too shabby of a tree dog!!!!;) ”    ~Piper

Oh yea, and Sam has a twitter account. See what this young pup has been up to!

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Dissing your Dog

Will Ferrell is hilarious! Enjoy!!

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Funny Bones: Dogs who make us laugh & the Basset Waddle

Because they’re so lovable, even more so when they’re caught in the act of running…


To see where the images above came from and to get your fill of running bassets visit:

Basset: the name literally means “extra low”. “Bas” comes from the French word meaning low and “et” means rather. The Basset hound comes second to scent tracking following the Bloodhound. Bloodhounds are in the genetic make of bassets: a mix between Bloodhounds, Regular Artisien Normand and Basset Artisien Normand.

Some bassets have straight legs, these are the bassets needed to run fast and chase after rabbits and small game. The other more droopy-eared crocked legged bassets were bred for shows.

Droopy, cartoon basset created in 1943.

There are whole “Basset Waddle” festivals around the U.S. dedicated to this little dog. The Michigan Basset Rescue is a non-profit “dedicated to finding permanent homes for bassets in need” and is home of the original “Basset Waddle”.  If you’d like to see the Basset Waddle get yourself to Canterbury Village Lake Orion, Michigan May 13-15, 2011 and see this Basset Waddle in action!

Some pics below from Michigan Basset Rescue.


One of the funniest talking dog videos I’ve seen below. Quoting the dog: “Yea, bacon, the maple kind, yea?”

‘Nuff Said.

Thanks to Elise for sharing the floppy-eared running bassets link with me!:)

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Biking Birthday Beagle!

On Friday, April 1st, 2011 Chunky celebrated his 5th birthday! For some reason I think it is appropriate his birthday falls on April Fool’s Day, though I cannot say why. He had a nice bike ride and some tasty dog cupcakes (pupcakes) with his best friend, Effie! Effie is my new adopted puppy for a time, while her mom is traveling the world for a year! Read about Sonia’s travels and get a postcard from her and James here!

These pupcakes from Three Dog Bakery look too good to give to a dog. I really wanted one! They scarfed ’em down.

My favorite local pet supply stores in Ohio:

Friendly Paws Pet Supplies and Grooming Athens, OH Chunky and Effie enjoy chomping down on squeakers and food from Shelley’s place. Shelley is very friendly, helpful, and informative about any pet related questions.

Irish Ridge Pet Grooming Corning, OH Anne has a great, free 5K coming up June 11 for anyone and their pets to run!

Buck’s Biscuits Chauncey, OH Debbie is at the Athens Farmers Market every Saturday. Chunky drools over her peanut butter treats.

Posh Pets Botique Columbus, OH Cute outfits, nice shampoos and leashes.

Three Dog Bakery Columbus, OH Affordable, all natural, tasty treats. Pupcakes above were $1.50 each!

What is your favorite pet store or your dog’s favorite toy? I’d like to know!

Happy Birthday to my Beags!! arrwhoooo!

5 years ago. Chunky, Teeny, Tattoo, Harley, Strut, Pounce, Sweetie.

Because they’re so darn cute…

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Squirrel Dogs: Piper’s first hunt

“Piper on Tree” 30″ x 40″ acrylic on canvas (Piper’s 1st squirrel)

Lone Willow Piper
Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association
OMCBA # J-229

Piper came for the best of breeding and was a natural from the start. His father, Twin Pines Banjo, owned and bred by Carl Smith of Crossville, Tennessee, was OMCBA Dog of the Year for 2004. His grandfather on both sides of his pedigree, Twin Pines Jam, is a Hall of Fame dog is his great grandfather, the immortal Smith’s Streak. And Piper is the spitting image of his grandfather, Twin Pines Jam. He is a true Mountain cur in every sense of the word.

His high level of intelligence was evident from the very beginning when I got him as a 10 week old pup. Everything was easy for him, from negotiating gates and fences on the farm to crossing icy creeks and deep ravines. And the girls in the family liked to snuggle him because his golden yellow fur was so soft. By 6 months of age he was treeing well on turn-out coon and squirrel. At 15 months old he evolved into an intense, focused, accurate tree dog who was a split-tree artist but would honor another dog (i.e. Faulkie ) if the fur was there. I’d looked for a male cur like him for 10 years! And, oh my, was I ever rewarded for my wait!

Pipers’ style is perfect for me. He hunts hard but checks back every 15 minutes. He handles well and is not at all mean toward other dogs whether on the tree or with downed game. He lives to hunt, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. He makes a man want to go to the woods just to see him work. Piper is quality entertainment to a woodsman. His sharp, ringing chop can be heard from a long way off. He is the kind of dog that every man should own and follow.

I’ll never forget his first solo squirrel in the big timber. After casting him at the edge of the hickory woods on the High Hill, he shot from the lead like a cannonball, then stopped abruptly on top of the ridge to survey the wooded hollow below him and the ridge opposite him for movement, simultaneously cocking his head to listen for leaves rustling or a squirrel barking. Suddenly, he was off again like a streak and treed 400 yards from me on a dead snag over in No Wind Hollow just below Kramer’s gas well.

It took me 10 minutes to get to him, but he stayed treed the entire time, chopping 50-60 times per minute with that intense, sharp, steady bark. I just knew he had the fur. When I arrived I saw him with his feet up on a 30 foot snag with grape vines all over it and a hole near the top. I shook the snag and squalled, just the way old George Toot used to, and out baled a feisty fox squirrel who ran frantically to the nearest tree with Piper hot in pursuit.

The squirrel swirled up that first tree, shimmied a tightrope to the top, then timbered out through two more trees with Piper locked on like radar, treeing excitedly all the while, and making it all looks so very easy. He did one last highwire act and ended up hugging a limb 120 feet up in a tall Ash tree. Luckily, I had my scoped rifle, and, after several shots, was able to get him down to Piper who really enjoyed his furry reward. I don’t know who derived more pleasure from that first solo squirrel in the Big Woods…me or Pipe…Pipe…Piper. A Mountain Cur like him is what gives a man Timber Dreams. Oh my, what a show! He makes me feel like a frontiersman. The Piper dog can really pipe it up.

J.D. Graham

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Tallest dogs in the world hail from Ireland!

While this site is dedicated to “Hounds of Appalachia” I had to make an exception and talk about a sight hound from Ireland in celebration of St.Patrick’s Day. Irish Wolfhound above by Herbert Thomas Dicksee.

Coming in over 7 feet tall when standing on their hind legs, the Irish Wolfhound establishes itself as the tallest breed in the world. Wolfhounds, as the name implies are sight hounds used to hunt wolves. This hound is one of the oldest breeds. The Irish wolfhounds were used in Gaelic Wars. Wolfhounds were the dogs of nobles, kings, and poets. Individuals’ prestige was determined by the number of wolfhounds they were allowed to own. The dogs were given as gifts. (If this is true for hounds then my dad is on his way to becoming esteemed!).

Below is a poem written about a loyal Irish Wolfhound, Gelert, from the 13th century. King John of England gave a hound to Prince Llewellyn of Wales in 1205 A.D.  Read about the life of this famous dog below.

Gerlert by Charles Burton Barber (Image from Wikipedia)
Click here for more paintings of Irish Wolfhounds

William Robert Spencer

The spearmen heard the bugle sound,
And cheerily smiled the morn;
And many a brach, and many a hound
Obeyed Llewellyn’s horn.
And still he blew a louder blast,
And gave a lustier cheer,
“Come, Gelert, come, wert never last
Llewellyn’s horn to hear.

“O where does faithful Gelert roam
The flower of all his race;
So true, so brave – a lamb at home,
A lion in the chase?”

In sooth, he was a peerless hound,
The gift of royal John;
But now no Gelert could be found,
And all the chase rode on.

That day Llewellyn little loved
The chase of hart and hare;
And scant and small the booty proved,
For Gelert was not there.

Unpleased, Llewellyn homeward hied,
When, near the portal seat,
His truant Gelert he espied
Bounding his lord to greet.

But when he gained the castle-door,
Aghast the chieftain stood;
The hound all o’er was smeared with gore;
His lips, his fangs, ran blood.

Llewellyn gazed with fierce surprise;
Unused such looks to meet,
His favourite checked his joyful guise,
And crouched, and licked his feet.

Onward, in haste, Llewellyn passed,
And on went Gelert too;
And still, where’er his eyes he cast,
Fresh blood-gouts shocked his view.

Overturned his infant’s bed he found,
With blood-stained covert rent;
And all around the walls and ground
With recent blood besprent.

He called his child – no voice replied –
He searched with terror wild;
Blood, blood he found on every side,
But nowhere found his child.

“Hell-hound! my child’s by thee devoured,”
The frantic father cried;
And to the hilt his vengeful sword
He plunged in Gelert’s side.

Aroused by Gelert’s dying yell,
Some slumberer wakened nigh;
What words the parent’s joy could tell
To hear his infant’s cry!

Concealed beneath a tumbled heap
His hurried search had missed,
All glowing from his rosy sleep
The cherub boy he kissed.

No hurt had he, nor harm, nor dread,
But, the same couch beneath,
Lay a gaunt wolf, all torn and dead,
Tremendous still in death.

Ah, what was then Llewellyn’s pain!
For now the truth was clear;
His gallant hound the wolf had slain
To save Llewellyn’s heir.

It is said that Prince Llewellyn never smiled again from the day he killed Gelert. The town of Beddgelert marks the grave of Prince Llewellyn’s Gelert.

Gelert’s grave and epitaph. (Images from Wikipedia and

On Irish kings’ coat of arms was the Irish Wolfhound. A saying about the wolfhound is“gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked”.

Image from

An excerpt from Erin Go Bark “May your coat be shiny, your nose be wet, and the pavement soft beneath your feet.”

My Grams

Slainte! Erin Go Braugh!

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Mmm, vino + dogs. Yes, more please.

Lone Willow Farm Grapes and Pups (Can you guess which one’s Chunk?)

Wine + Dogs = two of my top three favorite things. (The third is chocolate!) When the dog and wine worlds collide you get the sweet, frisky concoction of Mutt Lynch Winery. The winery’s motto is “Bark Less, Wag More” and they support all dogs through their wine sales. The award-winning wines with names like “2007 Merlot Over and Play Dead”, “2007 Chateau d’Og Cabernet Sauvignon” and “2009 Unleashed Chardonnay”, are decorated with colorful dog labels. What dog lover wouldn’t want to try these wines?!?!?!

“On a more serious note, Mutt Lynch Winery is proud to support local animal rescue organizations in their tireless efforts to save pets’ lives.  A portion of proceeds from every bottle of Mutt Lynch wine is donated to support local animal rescue organizations.”- Mutt Lynch Winery.

To learn more about Mutt Lynch Winery, located in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California, click here!

My early vintner career

I love wine. I love it so much that I’ve taken a liking to making it with friends. This all started when I developed a palette for all wine- sweet, dry, strong, fruity- I love it all (no spittoon for me!) I got over my head in carboys of wine juice, when I became a vintner at the Silver Moon Winery in Dover, Ohio. I was Ken’s first employee and we made wine from kits. People can still come in and make their own 30 or 60 bottles of wine, slap their labels on it and give it away for the perfect gift.

The fam

Here’s some of my dad’s lively wine descriptions from his wine he made at the Silver Moon Winery. (It describes a squabble between a Lone Willow grape-loving raccoon and our dogs). I hope you will enjoy! Cheers!

Lone Willow Ice Wine

When winter comes to the vineyards of Lone Willow Farm, the grapes freeze and concentrate their native juices into a most desirable potion. This attracts the wiley raccoon who loves to grape and raid the vineyard of its’ prize. The great cooners, Big Boy and Einstein, protect the vineyard from these masked bandits, sometimes catching them in the act. When they do, the fur flies and lends a certain flavorful angst to this fine wine, giving both the bite and smoothness of the hair of the dog. Enjoy.

Einstein on Tree

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