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Happy Holidays!!!

Wishing you and yours a warm, happy, and joyful Holiday Season! “The Farm Dog” acrylic on canvas 24″ x 36″ by me (Max, Leopard Cur) It’s nice to be back on the farm and in Ohio! Advertisements

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Thanksgiving II

Maple leaf study water color pencil on bristol board By Leah Graham Leaves fall at the speed of light And the creek runs orange. Thanksgiving. Unearthed coal is slag-heaped; It’s sulfur diluted from it by rain Running orange into the … Continue reading

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Ole Frackin’ Red is Dead

Ole Frackin’ Red is Dead They fracked all the oil and gas out of the deep Marcellus and Utica shale in beautiful Carroll County in Eastern Ohio, going even as deep as the Black River formation, which they said they’d  … Continue reading

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Ole Frackin’ Red

Ole Frackin’ Red There’s some folks, mostly my wife, Ole Marth, in these parts of Tuscarawas and Carroll counties that figured I should have bought me a new pickup truck or even one of those new trendy condominiums in the … Continue reading

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Coon Pie: A Recipe for an Appalachian Delight

Coon Pie: a Recipe for an Appalachian Delight In the Appalachian foothills we have recipes handed down from generation-to-generation for concocting our favorite dishes.  One of mine happens to be what I  like to call Coon Pie.  Not the kind … Continue reading

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If Dogs Could Talk: “Mmmm, Bacon….the Maple kind?!?”

One of the funniest videos!! What would your dog say?

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COONHOUND sets new record: Longest Dog Ears in the World!!

Move over all you Bassett hounds, there’s a new floppier-eared dog on the block. Harbor, a Black and Tan Coonhound from Colorado has just taken the Guinness Book of World records for longest dog ears in the world! Typical soft, … Continue reading

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